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Predjama Castle
We stopped at Predjama Castle in Slovenia on our way down to Trieste

Canale Grande in Trieste
Arriving in Trieste and Canale Grande immediately gives you the imperial seaside town feeling

Scala dei Giganti in Trieste
Climbing the Scala dei Giganti rewards you with a nice view of the city

Passaggio Joyce in Trieste
James Joyce lived in Trieste for 11 years and the city is very proud

San Giusto Martire in Trieste
Going another hill up gets you to San Giusto Martire

Santuario mariano di Monte Grisa in Trieste
A little bit outside of the city is Santuario mariano di Monte Grisa, a massive church in Brutalist architecture

Santuario mariano di Monte Grisa in Trieste
Santuario mariano di Monte Grisa consists of triangles, inside and out

View on Trieste from Santuario mariano di Monte Grisa

Grotta Gigante
Grotta Gigante is a giant cave in the Trieste Karst. The cave is impressive to visit, but hard to photograph

Grotta Gigante
Stalactites and Stalagmites in Grotta Gigante

Canale Grande in Trieste
Canale Grande is also beautiful just before the storm hits

Piazza Sant'Antonio Nuovo in Trieste
Piazza Sant'Antonio Nuovo at night