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Hello, my name is Florian Eckerstorfer and I am a web developer and engineering manager living in Vienna, Europe. I have a Masters degree in Software Engineering and Internet Computing from the Technical University of Vienna.

I like reading, music, going to concerts, travelling, going on walks, and catching Pokémon.

Florian Eckerstorfer adjusting his glasses


I was born and raised in Linz, Austria and graduated from HLW für Kommunikations- und Mediendesign, which included an education in Economics as well as in communication and media design. After school I moved to Vienna to study Software & Information Engineering at the Vienna University of Technology. In July 2011 I received my bachelors degree and started my Masters in Software Engineering & Internet Computing. In March 2012 I also began working on a supplement curriculum in Innovation, which I received in March 2014. I finished my Masters studies in January 2018 by writing my thesis on Machine Learning Approach for Web Ranking Identification based on Visual Features.

When I was a child I made magazines with friends and sold them to family members. When the Internet became a thing I moved my creative endeavours into the digital space. I taught myself the required design and programming skills and started making websites about stuff I like. After some years of freelancing while in school I started my first serious job in 2008 at 2beFOUND in Vienna to build web sites and applications. In April 2016 I joined the startup Kiweno in Vienna as a full time Frontend Developer. From January 2017 to Mai 2018 I was working full time at Swell as Frontend & Mobile App Developer. In August 2018 I joined mySugr as Senior Frontend Developer. In January 2020 I became the Head of Web Development at mySugr and in December 2021 I took the same role in our parent company, Roche Diabetes Care.

I never stopped creating websites and applications about stuff I am passionate about. For multiple years I ran a weblog called Web Adventures, which is now retired. I recently began updating my music blog POP.md again. Over the years I created a number of side and open source projects.

I also have a CV.


If you want to get in touch with me you can find all the information on the contact page.