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If there is an indie rock band that has the same name as an Ibiza DJ, they are the same band for "the algorithm". Yes, computers are very stupid. However, occassionally, and I want to stress the word occassionally, this namespace pollution leads to a happy accident.

I use an app called MusicHarbor to inform me about new releases of bands that I like. Back in March it informed me that Sloppy Jane has released a new album. They are a New York-based punk rock orchestra and I've listened to their first album Willow a couple of times. A couple of days after adding Kissing in the Rain to my library, I listened to it and immediately liked it. But something was wrong. It did not sound like an album from a New York-based punk rock orchestra, that are famous for their intense live shows (👈 NSFW). I checked Sloppy Jane's social media, Bandcamp, website; no mention of a new album.

When searching for sloppy jane I could only find information about the punk rock band and their NSWF live shows, but the album was credited to Sloppy Jane & Margot Nijhuis, which lead me to a blog post from 2011 where Margot Nijhuis was interviewed. She works for a large health insurance company and in her spare time writes books and makes pretty good music.

We reached the point of the article where I recommend you to listen to Kissing in the Rain by Sloppy Jane & Margot Nijhuis on Apple Music or Spotify.

Album cover of Kissing in the Rain by Sloppy Jane & Margot Nijhuis
Kissing in the Rain by Sloppy Jane & Margot Nijhuis

If you're wondering why I write this eigth months after it was released, on Friday Sloppy Jane (the New York-based punk rock orchestra) released their second album, Madison. It was recorded in a cave.