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In RCE (Remote Code Execution) Sibylle Berg tells the story of a world that is very similar to ours, but there is more violence, more greed, more surveillance, more AI, more unemployment, more inequality, more oppression, more sexism, more racism. In short, more capitalism and fascism. Nothing bad in the book is science fiction, all of the bad people behave like bad people in the real world, nothing of the broken system described in RCE is invented, everything is grounded in reality, but turned up to 100.

The system is challenged when group of young hackers from England move into a remote village in Switzerland and start planning a revolution.

RCE is a successor to GRM, but not a sequel. We know some of the characters (the friends plus Don and Karen) from GRM, but this time the group is no longer so naive to believe that just revealing how fucked up the system is, is enough to change it.


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