TL;DR Recently I quit my job and I am now looking for a company that wants to hire a frontend and/or backend web developer (you might call it full stack). I create websites since I was 12 and worked for the past 8 years in companies creating websites and apps. My master thesis on Machine Learning is currently in the submission process. I am looking for a full time position in Vienna or remote.

When I started creating websites in 1998 I was 12 and I built layouts with tables and styled content using HTML tags. Nowadays I use sophisticated frameworks, Sass and SVG to create usable web sites and applications that work on any device. After 18 years I still love this shit.

Currently I hold a Bachelor of Science degree, but my master thesis is currently in the submission process and it should not take much longer until I receive my Master of Science degree. In my thesis I write about Web Data Extraction using Machine Learining. I also did a curriculum supplement on Innovation.

For me the most important part is working with a great team. I am not looking for a job where I have to work alone on a product. I value people over process. No matter what software development methodology you are using, I believe that it should not limit people in creating great products.

I deeply care about building great products, but I don't really care which technologies your company is using. Due to my long experience I can learn new frameworks, tools and languages quite easily. However, in case you are wondering, here are some technologies I have used in the past and that are as of November 2016 not yet irrelevant: JavaScript, PHP, Java, TypeScript, Ionic Framework, AngularJS, Bootstrap, MySQL/MariaSQL, SQLite, Vue.js, Gulp, Grunt, Webpack, CSS, Sass, Less, Stylus, Ruby, Wordpress, Symfony, Laravel, Git.

I also have a CV.

If you believe that I might be right for your team and you have a job offer in Vienna or remote, please contact me and we can talk further.