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Humble Inquiry by Edgar H. Schein and Peter A. Schein is one of these business books that should have been a blog post. While it is only 150 pages, I felt like I didn't learn anything new after the first chapter introduction.

In the introduction the authors define Humble Inquiry, as a management style where you ask questions, listen to the answer, and respond appropriately. It also includes revealing more of you in order to build a better relationship with others.

The rest of the book repeats these points and adds a lot of arguments why this is better than managing people by just telling them what to do and not listening to them. Yeah, I'm probably the wrong audience since I was already onboard with the fact that asking questions and listening to people is good. You know, better than just telling other people what you think and not giving a fuck about the relationship you have with them. After reading this book and the fact that it is part of many lists of best management or leadership books I can only assume that most managers need to hear these basic facts of human interaction repeated over and over again.