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Two weeks ago I was hiking in Großarl, slept at Loosbühelalm and climbed Draugstein (2359m). Here are some pictures.

0797.jpg", "Ascent to Loosbühelalm

Ascent to Loosbühelalm from Großarl.

Sundown at Loosbühelalm

Sundown at Loosbühelalm.

On the way from Loosbühelalm to Draugstein

In the morning just after we left Loosbühelalm for Draugstein.

Selfie at Draugstein

Selfie at Draugstein

Draugstein, taken at Filzmoossattel

Draugstein front and center and Filzmoossattel at the right

Foggy view from Loosbühelalm

After we came back to Loosbühelalm it rained for a while and was foggy, but then the sky started clearing again.

Loosbühelalm from above

Looking back at Loosbühelalm after we left on the second morning.

View from Gründegg

We climbed Gründegg (2168m) and got some pretty light and shadow play.

Summit cross at Gründegg

Summit cross at Gründegg

Cows on the way down

We made some friends on our way down.