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Until recently I used Bower to manage the frontend dependencies, JavaScript and Sass/CSS libraries and NPM to manage Gulp/Grunt and plugins required for my build process. Since all packages I use in Bower are on NPM I removed Bower from the list of tools I use and manage my packages exclusively with NPM.

Using one instead of two package managers makes it easier keeping the packages up-to-date and removes clutter from the repositories. I think it is a good idea to keep the dependencies out of the document root and to use a Gulp task to copy only the files that are required into a publicly accessible directory. My task looks like this:

var _ = require('lodash'),
  gulp = require('gulp');

gulp.task('copy-assets', function () {
  var assets = {
    js: [
    css: ['./node_modules/normalize.css/normalize.css'],
  _(assets).forEach(function (assets, type) {
    gulp.src(assets).pipe(gulp.dest('./web/' + type));

Now I seriously don't know why I ever used Bower.