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Quite often I have to write a script that takes data from a source, filter and converts it and stores it some way. Nearly every time I use the great data-import library by David de Boer and the Symfony Console component. It annoyed me that I have to write some boilerplate code every single time and therefore I created Console Import Standard Edition.

Inspired by the Symfony Standard Edition it contains a basic directory structure, a composer.json with ddeboer/data-import and symfony/console as dependencies and a simple executable.

You can bootstrap an import script project by using Composer and the following command:

$ php composer.phar create-project florianeckerstorfer/console-import-standard-edition path/to/install

Then you only need to change the namespace and adapt the code inside the ImportCommand to fit your needs. The projects README.md contains more information on how to setup a project and customise it.