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In December Marina and took the train to Budapest and stayed there for a couple of days. It was raining most of the time, but we made the best out of it and had some amazing food, great drinks and still managed to walk the streets of Budapest quite a bit.

Train platform, a train on each side of it and a lot of people walking towards the camera; the top half of the image is the roof of in a renaissance revival architecture
Budapest Keleti train station

Woman in a white wool coat, her hands in her pockets, standing on an escalator and slightly smiling into the camera
Marina taking the escalator to Budavári Castle

View from a hill on the Danube and Budapest: in the front some buildings with the Danube behind them, in the distance there are some bridges and a boat
The Danube from Budavári Castle

Empty street, some people are sitting on a stone wall before a lawn and some bushes; a man is looking and walking towards a statue (out of frame); in the distance a church with three spines
Budavári Castle

View from the bottom into a dome, with human figures made out of mesh hanging in various poses around
Hungarian National Gallery

View across a river, some houses and a church are facing the water and in the back there is another church, some other large buildings and two cranes on top of a hill; the weather is foggy
Buda from the Pest side of Budapest

Chain bridge at night, a boat is just below the bridge; there are lights on the bridge, the boat and other bank; the bridge is partly covered by construction
Széchenyi Chain Bridge

Rum in a small wine glass, standing on a table from dark wood, another glass is blurry in the background
Rum at Enso

Illuminated sign saying Izakaya and Ramen Bar and an arrow pointing left; the sign is reflected in a window, the surroundings are run-down and dark