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I recently stumbled on the Bandcamp page of Vienna-based Seeyou Records and then spend too much money on music there. I thought a share a couple of albums from Austrian artists that I recently discovered.

Weightbearer by Squalloscope

Album cover of Weightbearer by Squalloscope, it is a drawing, the background looks space-like, in the foreground are two white kneeling figures and some bushes are growing out of them

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What Happened At The Social Club by Siamese Elephants

Close-up of a person, roughly from knee to chest, holding a bowl of noodle soup, in the background is a globe on top of AV equipment on a desk

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Always by Rosa Rendl

Close-up of a womans face, dark hair, looking directly in the camera, it looks like she is floating in water

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The Less I know by Fuzzybrains

An abstract image that reminds of a cliff, everything has a redish hue and the images glitches

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Big Delirium by Atzur

A woman sitting on the floor, a man is kneeling next to her, she is wearing black and white checkered pants and he a white suit, everything looks very neony

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