Password Please generates secure passwords for you. If you use a password manager and you generate a new password for every service you sign up you probably need to generate a lot of passwords. Password Please makes this super easy and fast while still providing options to customize passwords on a case-by-case basis.

Currently there exists a workflow for Alfred and a command line tool written in PHP.

Alfred Workflow

Password Please Alfred Workflow

Download the latest release from Github and double-click the alfredworkflow file to install the workflow. The default keyword to invoke Password Please is pwd. When invoked without arguments the generated password has a very high complexity and a length of 20 characters. You can supply one or two optional arguments; the first one is the length of the password and the second one is the complexity. The complexity can be either a number between 1 (very high complexity) and 4 (low complexity) or one of theses aliases:

Command Line Tool

Detailed installation and usage instructions for the command line tool can be found on its Github page.